A Tale of Five Cities

black and white image of New York City woman hailing cab

First, take a book that distills the origins of American ideals from the principles and beliefs rooted in five great cities. 

Next, take a graphic that illustrates the ideals laid out in that book in a fascinating visual narrative.

Finally, take an organization dedicated to those American ideals, which publishes said illustration in a blog post that I can easily label my all-time favorite. In fact, these are the principles laid out in the MAGA hat romance series; the principles espoused by many of its readers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a brilliantly conceived and executed illustration by Stream.org senior editor John Zmirak courtesy of Russell Kirk’s 1974 book ‘The Roots of American Order,’ in what the Intercollegiate Review terms ‘a tale of five cities,’ a compelling, provocative take on America and its intellectual origins. Learn, enjoy, share.