One Hundred Seats for One Hundred Years

Remember safe, legal and rare? How has that turned out? The party of death stood in silence as Kenneth Gosnell’s grisly images and testimony were flashed all over the media. David Daleidon in California went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal harvesting of aborted baby organs and body parts. He was charged with fifteen counts of felony ‘trespassing,’ ‘invasion of privacy,’ and eventually fined $16 million. The coward who ignored the plight of the innocents and brought up the disgusting allegations against Daleidon so that Planned Parenthood could see “justice” from its harassers? Kamala Harris.

Planned Parenthood? Brazenly admitting on the record their evil and illegal misdeeds, yet it still continues. Abortion up to and after birth is legal in three states. And every Democrat Senator – save Joe Manchin of West Virginia – just voted to codify this heinous practice into law. We are past the point of calling it abortion. It is now murder. For profit. Fetal tissue is big business. Do you think these people intend to stop with infants?

This is just one of many reasons this party must be destroyed, and yet this reason alone is enough. The Democrats must not simply be defeated. They must be destroyed – in 2022 and beyond. These radicals and their ilk are not going to stop. They have no boundaries. They will push their radical agenda further and further until our sacred home, the earth, and the human race along with it, are completely destroyed. Destruction – of us, our way of life, and all we hold dear and sacred – is their only end. As President Trump proclaimed at his rally in Pennsylvania Friday night, “they are the party of chaos, of crime and of death.” This is the truth. Keep it close – a calling card tacked to your bulletin board – and remind yourself often. Never forget who they are. Every single one of them.

Let Steve Bannon’s mantra become your own: One hundred seats for one hundred years. It is my mantra, along with countless others, too, most of us Deplorables. There is no haircut here; no trimming at the edges. Most assuredly there is no compromise to be made. The Democrat party and all who support them must be blown to smithereens (disclaimer for the imbecilic – not literally, figuratively) at the ballot box this November.

The momentum is ours. The enemy is in full-blown, melt-down panic mode as they realize the destruction they have wrought upon their own party. The country is on our side, on this issue and others. They see the evil of the party of death, and the horror of a society for which life holds no meaning. There is nothing but misery and tyranny to be had with them in power. We must use the energy of the moment and push back and push back and push back against the evil until there is no more pushing to be done, and then we must push some more until the very life blood, the very breath of Marxist progressivism has been sent back to fires of Hell from whence it came.

It is glorious and I laugh and sing and dance every day and every moment of it. I revel in the salty tears of the enemy.